Reinventing The Vision

Contrary to local belief my Head is full of ideas, most of them fleeting and unformed. Some reoccurring, but needing some form of outlet. A few are actually pretty good. Lets see what comes up!
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As of today consider this site a work in progress. Things just are to dated and in no way reflect my current level of competence. Look for lots of unannounced updates, and structure updates. A total redo if you will .. But it all has to start somewhere. Like now!

Linthicum 4H Hi Riders 662011

The day started out threatening rain. but then the sun came out and became HOT and dusty. With 56 posted equestrian events, it promised to be a long day.

But seeing how the riders faced the same conditions, I toughed it out. The faces of the competitors after the events made it all worth while. I had a great time and look forward to the next event.

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